Holiday Gift Shop®/ Santa's Secret Shop®

For more than two decades, the Holiday Gift Shop/Santa's Secret Shop program by Fun Services has given children this satisfying experience by helping them do their own holiday shopping.  With help from volunteers, students learn valuable lessons on how to budget, select appropriate gifts, make purchases and handle money in the warm and comfortable atmosphere of their school. Students are able to choose gifts for their parents, family, friends, pets, or themselves, at bargain prices...and with their gifts, their purchases are handled SECRETLY, as a surprise for their family and friends! Best of all, it's so much fun they don't realize they are learning!

In most schools, the Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop® is held during school hours, so each child has an equal opportunity to participate. It is easier to run if the children are allowed to shop one classroom at a time. However, the Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop® program can be held before or after school, during lunch, recess, library time, during each student's free time or even on Saturday. Some schools add an evening session for parents as well.

Operating a Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop® program by Fun Services of Virginia is an excellent SERVICE PROJECT for the school to perform for its community! If your school is limited in the number of fundraisers that it can hold each year, holding a Holiday Gift Shop®/Santa's Secret Shop® as a SERVICE PROJECT is an excellent alternative.

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  1. young girl with blonde hair opening a gift on christmas morning, wearing a santa's hat

    Choose your shop

    • Dates: Choose when you will run your shop. Pick any days
      (recommend 3-5) from Nov. 17th – Dec. 19th.
    • Shop Type & Profit Level:
      No Inventory – choose a profit margin of 10-40% for all gifts
      (Pre-printed pricing labels provided FREE)
      Inventory – pick and choose individual pricing on each gift (requires an initial and final inventory of all items)
    • **Sir Fun Bear Bonus Tip – The most successful shops run for 4-5 days...but remember, even if you simply want to hold a shop for 1 day only, we'll work hard to make sure your shop works for you and your goals!
  2. The real fun begins!

    • Your supply box has arrived! Open it up and let the FUN begin. This kit has everything you need to get you on your way to running a successful gift shop. We make it easy and include everything you might need.
    • Some of the items included:
      • FREE Parent Flyers
      • FREE Promotional Posters
      • FREE Child Money/Budget Envelopes
      • FREE Child Reminder Stickers
      • FREE Tablecloths
      • FREE Advertising Door Cover
      • FREE Planning Guide (within our booklet)
      • FREE Step-by-Step Shop Guide (within our booklet)
      • FREE Pre-printed Price Labels (within our booklet)
      • FREE Instructional Booklet (within our booklet)
      • FREE Promotional Guide (within our booklet)

      **Sir Fun Bear Bonus Tip – Fun Services can also provide bilingual flyers upon request.

      **Sir Fun Bear Bonus Tip – You can re-order more promotional materials if needed too. Only Fun Services will provide you with more at no additional charge. We want you to promote your shop!

      **Sir Fun Bear Bonus Tip – Ask us about our Teacher Resource Book and Economics Book. These contain great ways for teachers to incorporate fun and learning into the Holiday Shop experience!

    • We are right there with you for every step of your shop. We have a combined experience of more than 100+ years in the business and have been improving and perfecting our gift shop for over 40 years. We are here to provide you with everything you need and guide you to having the best Holiday Gift Shop® EVER!
  3. The Gifts arrive!

    • This part is really fun! Now everything for your shop has arrived. Let’s set it up! Grab some tables to use to display all the great Fun Services gift choices. Don’t forget to use the FREE table cloths and pre-printed price labels (already set your schools profit level – only priced if no inventory.  Blank line if regular inventory) when setting up your display.
    • Take some time to check out each unique, high-quality gift. You will be amazed at how many great gifts a child can buy for under $5! No other gift shop can compare to the high-quality and low prices of your LOCAL Fun Services.
    • Your box with also include 4 FREE different sizes of self-sealing, write-on Mylar gift bags so the children can wrap each and every gift they take home! You will also get FREE plastic carry bags so they can easily transport the gifts home safely. Oh what’s that?...it must be another Fun Services exclusive…A bag full of FREE candy canes for the children to munch on while they shop! Once the child arrives home, all they need to do is place the gifts under the tree…and give the parents back any change (yea right! Haha).
    • **Sir Fun Bear Bonus Tip –  If you have an “Inventory” type shop, it's always a good idea to count the initial inventory. We’re usually pretty good at this, but its always good to double check. Let us know if we left anything out and we will get it to you right away!
  4. Time to Shop!

    • This is truly the best part of the whole experience. Now you get to see all those beautiful, smiling faces as they proudly purchase their gifts. We have made this part EASY. With so many options, checkout is now a breeze.
      fun services teddy bear in a top hat and tux
    • Choose our NEW Android Tablet w/ Scanner, A Cash Register, or just use a good ol’ fashioned cash box and calculator. It’s up to you! This will vary based on the experience of the volunteers and your promotional selections.
    • Let's shop! Children bring in their money/budget envelopes and start shopping. Some schools choose to offer a preview day for the kids to plan out their shopping ahead of time. It’s great to watch them pick and choose the different gifts, all while making sure to think and budget wisely. When they are done, just head to the checkout and wrap each gift to take them home!
      Running out? Need more gifts? NO PROBLEM with FUN SERVICES!
      Fun Services has the #1 BEST REORDER SERVICE IN THE COUNTRY!

      We have proven this year after year. Call or fax your reorder to Fun Services by 4PM
      and get what you need the very next MORNING, absolutely FREE! - Usually before your shop opens for business!
      *Other companies require reorders to be done by 1PM or earlier and can only UPS/FedEx the gifts. Some schools don’t even receive their reorders until 3PM!
      Most shops are done selling for the day by then.

      We guarantee our reorders to always be there the next morning, bright and early.

      We hand deliver over 95% reorders with our own Fun Services trucks and employees!
      That is something no other gift shop can offer! We are a LOCAL, family owner/operated business.
      We truly care about our local schools and are always there for you with that personal, friendly touch.

    • **Sir Fun Bear Bonus Tip – Had a shop over $5,000 last year? Ask us about getting a 2nd tablet and/or register to speed up the checkout even more!
  5. Closing up shop…you're almost done!

    • Just pack up any remaining/unsold merchandise in the original, white Fun Services boxes it came it. Then, as long as you have chosen a “No Inventory” shop, just count the money collected and calculate your total bill using our easy “Daily Sales Report” and call Fun Services to come pick it up!  If you've selected a "Regular Inventory" shop, Fun Services still works hard to make it easy for you to count and return unsold merchandise.

      You’re DONE! It’s that EASY! Another FUN and successful shop with the one and only,
      ORIGINAL Holiday Gift Shop®
        from FUN SERVICES!

    • **Sir Fun Bear Bonus Tip - As always with Fun Services, you pay NO delivery, shipping, handling, packing, setup, pickup, coordinating, reorder or any other fees of any kind. We provide everything you need to run a successful shop and everything is on CONSIGNMENT, so there is absolutely NO RISK and NO UPFRONT COST to the school.

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