Fun Fairs – Wrist Bands

Looking for an easy way to have a carnival?
Fun Services now offers a no inventory, pay one price wristband carnival.

Here’s how it works:

Fun Services provides the wristbands for you to sell. The organization’s cost is $7.00 per wristband sold, with a 200 minimum purchase. The suggested sell price for each wristband is $10.00-$15.00 depending on if your school is running as a fund raiser or school fun day.

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Concession Option:
Add 50¢ per wristband per concession. Choose from Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Snow-Cones. (Customer supplies ice for Snow-Cones.) Additional concessions available at a cost of an additional 50¢ per wristband, per concession.This includes the machine rental and the cost of the supplies.By the way, the servings are unlimited too!

How much will it cost: (Minimum Package is $1500)

At the end of the carnival, the organization and the Fun Services representative calculates how many wristbands were sold to figure your total due. No hidden fees such as delivery charges, fuel surcharges, etc.

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Advantages of the wristband carnival to the organization:

  1. No ticket sales. One price point for the parents.
    No more having the kids come up during the event asking for more money for more tickets!
  2. Unlimited Play. The kids get to play the games and jump as much as they want during the event.
    They are not restricted by how many tickets they have.
  3. No Inventory. At the end of the carnival, your volunteers and the Fun Services’ Representative pack up the prizes, games, booths
    and inflatable into the truck, the organization pays the invoice and you’re done!
  4. No Game/Booth rental fees. With the Wristband Carnival, organizations do not pay a rental fee per game or hinge booth.

The organization provides volunteers to assist with set-up and take-down, running the games, concessions and the prizes. This is the same as our traditional carnival program.

“Wrist Band” Fun Fair Responsibilities

The following is a list of responsibilities for both parties; Fun Services and your organization.

  • We supply the carnival game booths. These booths are 8ft. wide by 4ft. deep and act as a partition between game and player and lend a carnival atmosphere to the events appearance.  Booths are typically pulled 10 feet from the wall.
  • We supply the games and supplies necessary for their play.
  • We provide all prizes. A minimum of 200 wristbands (wristband carnival) is required.
    (All prizes not won at the event remain the property of Fun Services.)
  • We supervise set-up of the event along with 3-4 adult helpers from your organization. Our arrival will be approximately 1.5-2 hours before the start of the event. We will set-up all inflatables with no additional help.
  • We provide game instructions and inventory sheets for each booth worker.
  • We supply wrist bands.
  • We supervise and help with the take down of the games and booths along with 3-4 adult helpers immediately at end of event. We will take down all inflatables with no additional help.

You choose the games. Additional charges of $30.00 per game may apply if choosing over the recommended number of games for your enrollment.

200-399 students: 8-10 games
400-499 students: 10-12 games
500+ students: 12-15 games

  1. You supply 3-4 adult helpers for set up and take down.
  2. You coordinate all adult booth workers.
  3. You supply 1 table for each game.
  4. You supply 1 ticket can, box, or bag for each game.
  5. You supply 1 pencil for each game, concession and redemption booth.
  6. You pay for prizes and delivery at end of the event.
  7. No deposits are required. You make the profit!

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